LSC Overview

What is LSC?

LSC is an NFT project by Safuu Investors for Safuu Investors. The LSC NFT is an NFT that allows you to WIN BIG every week with life changing lottery style air drops , made for the Safuu community by the Safuu community.

Why LSC?

The Creators and Holders of LSC are die-hard Safuu believers. As LSC holders we believe that:
  • Safuu protocol has delivered proof that rebasing can be sustainable when coupled with the right mechanisms to assist with maintaining price
  • Defi is the future of finance for the world.
  • SafuuX is going to revolutionise the defi space with a rebasing blockchain.
  • SafuuX will be a major player in the defi space in the near and long term.
We also understand that not everyone can afford to hold a large quantity of Safuu (SafuuX after blockchain launch) and holders of the LSC NFT are willing to forego the rebases that the equivalent small amount that the NFT costs to allow those funds to go into a pool that rewards a random holder once a week with potentially life changing rewards from the collective rebases. As a side benefit for the safuu protocol, the collective funds raised to generate the initial purchase of safuu for the pool can be counted on as a large whale holder that will never sell the initial investment. We aim to continue building these pooled funds to become one of the largest whale holders over time providing additional support as a known entity that will act for the best interests of the protocol.
Last modified 6mo ago